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Connect to Devolutions Password Server


1. The first time you open Devolutions Launcher it prompts you to connect to Devolutions Password Server. Tap Yes.


2. Enter the address (URL) for your instance of Devolutions Password Server. Tap Next.


3. Select a login method.

a) Choose Membership if you sign in to Devolutions Password Server using the following authentication types:

Domain user

Database user

Local Machine user

Devolutions Password Server Custom user

Windows authentication


The user is prompted for their username and password.


b) Choose Azure Active Directory if you use Active Directory on Azure to manage your users. In Devolutions Password Server and Remote Desktop Manager, this authentication type is called Office365.


Devolutions Launcher integrates the sign-in form from Azure Active Directory: username, password and two-factor authentication (if applicable).


4. Add an application password to protect the app on your phone. There is no way to recover the password after it is registered.


Devolutions Launcher Main Screen

Devolutions Launcher Main Screen


To open a session, tap Open DPS.


Tap Account to log out. You can also modify the address and login information for Devolutions Password Server in the Account menu.