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When you finish the installation of Devolutions Launcher, you are prompted to choose a web source between Devolutions Password Hub and Devolutions Password Server.


Web source login is available in the Settings – Source of Devolutions Launcher.

1.Choose Devolutions Password Server.

Choose a web source

Choose a web source

2.Enter the Devolutions Password Server web address and click Next.

Devolutions Password Server Web Address

Devolutions Password Server Web Address

3.Fill in your Devolutions Password Server credentials or choose Membership, if available at this time, and choose between these options:

Domain user

Database user

Local Machine user

Devolutions Password Server Custom user

Windows authentication


You can login with Azure Active Directory if you use it to manage your users. In Devolutions Password Server and Remote Desktop Manager this authentication type is called Office365.

Devolutions Password Server Credentials

Devolutions Password Server Credentials



In this menu you can personalize the following options:

Use Active X to open RDP sessions. When unchecked, RDP sessions will open using FreeRDP protocol.

Choose the color theme of Devolutions Launcher.

Choose between the available languages. Close the application and the icon in the notification area to activate the new setting.

Devolutions Launcher Settings - General

Devolutions Launcher Settings - General


Log in or out of your connected source.


The information in this section is primarily for administrators and application developers.

The log records events into a text file.

Devolutions Launcher Settings - Logs 

Devolutions Launcher Settings - Logs 

1.Create a new log file (it can be a text document) before choosing the path.

2.Click the ellipsis button to select the path to save the log file, then save.


View Devolutions Launcher version and check for updates.