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Grant Temporary Access to an Entry in Password Hub Business



The Temporary Access feature is also available in Remote Desktop Manager with Password Hub Business. You can view and approve temporary access requests in Remote Desktop Manager even if the request was made in Password Hub Business. Visit this topic to learn more.

The Temporary Access feature allows users to request a temporary elevation of their permissions for a specific entry. The authorizer must then approve or deny the request.

To learn how to view pending requests, go to the View Temporary Access Requests section.

To learn how to respond to a request, go to the Approve/Deny Temporary Access Requests section.

View Temporary Access Requests

When a user sends you a temporary access request, you will be automatically notified by email. You can click on the Go to entry dashboard button to view the request directly in the entry in Password Hub Business.


Once you are on the entry, you will see a Temporary Access Request section near the top. Clicking on the View Details button opens the Temporary Access Response window, which is described in the next section.


Note that you can also see all temporary access pending requests from a selected Vault in the Temporary Access Request box of the Dashboard. Clicking on a request brings you to the entry.


Approve/Deny Temporary Access Requests

When the entry is selected, clicking on the View Details button in the Temporary Access Request section allows you to see information about the request as well as Approve/Deny it.


In the top section, you can see the Permissions level and the Access duration the user is requesting for their temporary access. The Access duration can be changed. The Time remaining is empty since you have not yet approved the request.

Below, the message the user sent you when they created their request is visible on the left. On the right, you can write a message to the user explaining your decision, but it remains optional.

Finally, you can Approve or Deny the temporary access request by clicking on the corresponding button.


After the approbation, for any reason, you may revoke the user's temporary access by clicking on the View Details button again, then selecting the Revoke button. Be sure you want to do this first, since in order to regain access to the entry, they will need to make another request. Otherwise, their access will end within the set time frame.


To learn more about the end user experience in Password Hub Business, visit our Request Temporary Access to an Entry in Password Hub Business topic.