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Devolutions Launcher opens remote connections from Devolutions Password Server Web Interface.


Supported Session Types

Apple Remote Desktop


Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (FreeRDP and ActiveX)

SSH Shell


Tunnels: Port Forward, SSH Tunnel, Proxy Tunnel


Wayk Now

Web Browser



Open a remote connection


1. Open sessions from the Devolutions Password Server web interface. Either open Devolutions Password Server in your browser or tap Open DPS.


2. When using Devolutions Password Server on mobile, it is easier to navigate in grid view. Click View to switch between tree, list and grid view.


Open Session - Devolutions Password Server Web Interface

Open Session - Devolutions Password Server Web Interface


3. To open a remote connection, select the entry and Open Session RibbonOpenedSmall.


4. Your remote connection opens in Devolutions Launcher. If you haven't already signed into the application, you will be prompted for username and password before the session opens.


There is a menu with extra keyboard actions that appears depending on the session type.


Example of RDP and Telnet Sessions

Example of RDP and Telnet Sessions


In a Web Browser session, tap the key icon beside the address bar to fill in the username and password that are saved in the entry.


Web Browser Session

Web Browser Session


To change display options for the session, click Settings.

To close a session, click the more button RibbonAdvancedSmallon the title tab.