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Managing Vaults

Creating Vaults

Creating Vaults

Creating Vaults

To create a vault in Password Hub, click on the Plus (AddPlus) icon at the top right on the screen.

New Vault Creator

New Vault Creator

Fill in the necessary information and view the predefined roles below that can be granted to Users and Groups.

Readers: Users can only read the content of the vault.

Operators: They can view and use session entries to connect with Devolutions Launcher or website entries with Devolutions Web Login.

Contributors: With this role, users can Add, Edit, Delete or View the Password of entries within the vault. It provides almost as many rights as the manager permissions.

Managers: Managers have all the permissions, including access to all the reports.

Custom: You can customize a role with any permission. Add a user to the Custom role, then press the Edit gear icon.

Editing Vaults

Use the Edit icon next to each vault to manage, change the name, description, the access for the users and groups.