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Devolutions Password Hub Menus

Navigate and explore the menus through the different sections of the Password Hub and manage the selected entries.

Password Hub Menus

Password Hub Menus

The Side Bar expand button

Expand and show the side bar button names.

Vault Selector

Switch from one vault to another and access the private vault entries.

Hover over and click the Vault avatar to refresh the vaults.


See all the latest released notes for Password Hub.


Click on your avatar to get access to the current user account settings and portal.

Access this panel to modify your master key and lock your vaults.

The Side Bar

Locate the side bar to access Vaults, Search, Reports, Administration and Tools sections.


View the version release for your Password Hub.

Navigation Pane

Browse the content of the selected vault and create entries by clicking on the AddSmall plus button.

Filter your research at the top of the panel.

View the entries by categories or switch to tags in the advanced settings of the navigation pane.

Entry Dashboard

View and edit information about the selected entry, add file attachments, consult the logs, store documentations, validate the history of the entry and much more.

Entry Interactions

Locate the interactions in the entry dashboard in the top right of the screen. Options will reflect the selected entry.

Hover over the different icons to get a short description.