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Entries are contained in vaults, much like your credentials, sensitive information and documents. You can share vaults with users or groups from your organization.

Learn how to manage them in roles and permission.

Navigation Pane

The navigation pane displays the entries which the users have access from the vault that is currently selected.

Entries are by default filtered by categories and can be changed to tags in the advanced settings.

Create entries

Click on the Plus (AddSmall) symbol located at the bottom of the navigation pane.

Select an entry in the list.

New Entries Panel

New Entries Panel

Configure the specific entry with all the required fields and save it with the Add button.

My Private Vault

The private vault is user-specific and is used to store private information, such as personal account credentials. Administrators cannot access it. The private vault prevent users from using a non-secure tool to manage their personal passwords at work.